Little tin of Coronavirus worries (Download)

£ 29.99

Discussion cards to tackle the many anxieties surrounding this complex situation.


It is vital to talk openly to children and young people about all the fears, worries and anxieties concerning this worldwide disaster which has radically changed the world they knew.

Supporting Mental Heath and Wellbeing

This invaluable resource pack of discussion cards will provide an excellent opportunity to address the changes they have experienced, to express and share their worries and the uncertainties they face, and help them to develop strategies in order to move forward with confidence.

The cards are organised into 4 themes, topics include

  • WORRIES – friends, school work, family
  • EMOTIONS – anger, sadness, disappointment
  • POSITIVES – gratitude, determination, creativity
  • THE FUTURE – masks, plans, exams

A teachers’ booklet is included in the pack with notes for guidance which offers suggestions for use with individuals or groups

60 cards, 90x130mm

All ages

Author Eve Wilson has over 35 years of experience in education as a teacher, headteacher and Ofsted inspector