3 Steps to Anger Management Posters – Multi Pack of 5

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Help young people deal with their angry feelings by prominently displaying these reminders

By E A Morris

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This?colourful poster is a useful reminder to students of three crucial steps to managing anger:

Step 1 ? Prevent
???Understand that anger helps you know what you like and don?t like
???Know your triggers
???Learn to negotiate

Step 2 ? Prepare
???Plenty of positive self-talk
???I am calm right now
???I can stay calm
???I can manage my angry feelings

Step 3 ? Practise
???Count backwards from 15
???Imagine somewhere nice and picture yourself being there
???Jog or jump on the spot
???Either solve it or leave it
???Be assertive

Select from packs including 5 or 10 copies of the Anger Management A3 colour poster which can be put up around the school in strategic spots and classrooms and a?FREE CD-Rom?which contains printable A4 copies of the poster?which can be handed out to students as a personal reminder.

Poster size: A3

Suitable for all ages.

ISBN 978-1-909380-51-6