Bridget’s Taking a Long Time CD-Rom

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A journey through adoption from the perspective of the birth child

Written and illustrated by Nicky Ball with Bridget Betts

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Bridget?s Taking a Long Time?CD-Rom includes Nicky Ball?s beautifully illustrated and delightful story that follows Bridget?s hopes, fears and frustrations of adopting a new sibling into the family and the processes it involves, with click-to-read text, animations and sound effects.

There are also 20 printable activity worksheets which are divided into four sections:
1)??? Hey this is me
2)??? Who?s coming to stay?
3)??? They are here
4)??? Sharing

The CD-Rom includes an 18-minute video of live footage of birth children being interviewed about their experiences of adopting a new sibling into the family. It includes:

  • Thinking about adoption ? Discussing what adopting a sibling will mean to them
  • Being prepared ? Social worker visits, role playing and so on
  • First meetings ? Meeting the new sibling at their foster parents’ home
  • Sharing ? Discussing how the new sibling settled in
  • What?s good about adoption? ? Having fun, someone to play with and share things
  • What would you say to other people thinking of adoption? ? Not easy but rewarding, good experience nothing to worry about.

This CD-Rom is a thought-provoking, engaging and non-threatening way of helping children adjust to a new arrival and for professional training.

PC and Mac compatible.

Ages 5-12

ISBN 978-1-909380-28-8

“… beautifully illustrated and coloured … both informative and charming as well as being compelling material.”?Seen and Heard