Guns & Knives DVD and Educational Pack

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Resource Pack – Ages 11-16

Hard-hitting and thought-provoking film addressing this important issue with accompanying activities

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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This innovative education pack will help young people understand the real-life implications of becoming involved in a weapons culture. The pack includes a film on DVD plus a CD-Rom with facilitator notes and a detailed session plan which?includes a decision-making card game with cards and a board you can print off, interviews, discussion starters, role-plays, word searches, activity sheets and debates.

The DVD contains a short film about a knifing incident in a school and a subsequent guns incident that followed, which is acted out by staff and students of a secondary school. It graphically illustrates what can happen when young people carry weapons, and how confrontation can rapidly escalate into violence and tragedy, with the?reality of a subsequent police intervention. The programme provides a mechanism for young people to observe a situation involving guns and knives, and to learn through discussion, reflection and activities.

The decision-making card game will help students learn about actions, consequences, facts and the law regarding guns and knives.

?The cards include:

  • Action Cards?e.g. You?re trying to get ?respect?.
  • Consequences Cards?e.g. You will be unable to ever work in teaching, nursing, care work, sports or leisure centres, police, paramedics, fire and rescue etc.
  • Fact Cards?e.g. A MORI youth survey found that 10% of boys aged 11 and 12 are reported to have carried a knife or other weapon.
  • Joker Cards?e.g. In the UK it is illegal to carry a weapon and you could be sent to prison or a young offenders’ institute.
  • Outcome Cards?e.g. If you point a gun, even a fake gun, the police will shoot you.
  • Respect Cards?e.g. Do fear and bullying make someone earn respect?
  • True or False? Cards?e.g. Anyone from the age of ten can be prosecuted; injuring someone with a knife carries a sentence of between five years to life imprisonment.

The comprehensive session plan has learning objectives that cover:

  • The legal position relating to the carrying or use of knives or guns
  • The consequences of carrying knives or guns
  • Being able to make safe decisions about knives or guns.

In the words of the students ?No guns or knives, we want our lives!?

Ages 11-16

ISBN 978-1-907370-49-6