How to Run an Effective Secondary School Council

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This resource aims to help you run a highly effective school council which will allow students’ views to be heard and enable them to develop personally, socially and morally. This in turn will improve behaviour and enhance self-esteem, thereby contributing to more effective learning.

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

Available as a USB Memory Stick or CD-Rom


The CD-Rom contains everything teachers need to run an effective School Council including:
  • The purpose of a school council
  • How to set up a school council
  • Models of good practice
  • How adults can support a school council
  • Selection of School Councillors
  • Student manifesto
  • Nomination form
  • Tutor group ballot paper
  • Council Member Badges
  • School Council agenda
  • A sample letter to parents
  • A pro-forma for an agenda and minutes
  • Future development and how to evaluate success
  • A School Council noticeboard
  • A School Council newsletter
  • School Council website
  • School Council email address
  • Useful web links
  • An agenda of questions to ask adults and another to ask pupils
  • A sample letter from the school council chairperson
  • A class discussion sheet
  • A class questionnaire
  • Ways to involve your class
  • What to expect as a school councillor
  • Your rights
  • Being a good chairperson, secretary, treasurer
  • Useful words for a school council

There are also lesson plans to enhance qualities required by students involved in the School Council on listening, negotiating and being assertive. Other lesson plans are designed to raise awareness of the School Council and to generate understanding and interest before elections.

Noticeable changes you can expect from your more effective School Council include:

  • Addressing anti-social behaviour
  • Ways to prevent people fighting
  • Tackling bullying
  • Preventing racism
  • Drug awareness
  • Binge drinking
  • Healthy eating
  • Contraception
  • State of the toilets
  • Ways to help new people at school
  • Using the Buddy System
  • Embracing the Peer Counselling Scheme

To take your first step towards organising a much more effective school council for YOUR school simply order?How to Run an Effective School Council.

ISBN 978-1-907370-51-9

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