Prescribed Novels for Junior Cycle English Commencing Junior Cycle in 2024, 2025



21 Novels for the Irish Junior Cycle 2024/25
Discounted for Irish Schools €229.00 Including Delivery
ACEDEVO,                     Elizabeth The Poet X
 ACHEBE, Chinua          Things Fall Apart
 ALMOND, David            The Savage
 AUSTEN, Jane              Sense and Sensibility
 BLACKMAN, Malorie     Noughts and Crosses
CONNOLLY, John          The Book of Lost Things
CROSSAN, Sarah          The Weight of Water
 DOWD, Siobhan             Bog Child
EDUGYAN, Esi                Washington Black
HEMINGWAY, Ernest       The Old Man and the Sea
HINTON, S.E.                  The Outsiders
LE CARRÉ, John             Call for the Dead
LEONARD, Elmore         Hombre
MULLIGAN, Andy           Trash
Ó GUILÍN, Peadar          The Call
SCOTT CARD, Orson    Ender’s Game
SEPETYS, Ruta             Between Shades of Grey
SHARMA, Akhil               Family Life
 STEINBECK, John        Of Mice and Men
 STEVENSON, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
TAMAKI,Mariko & Jillian   This One Summer