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CD-Rom – Ages 14-Adult

Problematic?aims to help young people aged 14+ talk and think about life issues,?choices and consequences through the medium of a radio phone-in problem show – simulated in software and hosted by Cameron Stout, the Big Brother winner.

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Callers embedded in the game phone in for advice in relation to a wide range of problems and issues and young people playing the game are then offered?a range of choices as to what advice they think would be best for that caller?and their problem.

By opting for good choices that are most likely to help someone in that situation, players can progress in the game from being ‘Panellist’ to ‘Advisor’?to ‘Expert’. In this way, young people using the resource can be encouraged to?think about and discuss issues in their own lives by giving advice to others. All text?is fully ‘click to read’.


  • Six?callers with 60 problems and 180 choices and outcomes
  • Click to read text throughout
  • High quality speech and a range of UK accents
  • Range of ethnic backgrounds, gender and UK accents
  • 60 Cameron video clips encouraging active discussion
  • Links to external relevant websites
  • All content in PDF format on the CD-Rom
  • Topics include health, racism and diversity, sex and relationships,?friends, family, work, education, crime, offending and personal beliefs

Ages 14-adult