Winston – Helping with Worries Cards

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30 cards to stimulate talking with young children about a wide range of worries

By Alice Griffin

Each card presents a different worry that will stimulate open conversation and encourage children to understand how it might feel to have a worry and how they can work through their own and/or help others with theirs.
A quick and easy way to observe and monitor any anxiety issues with particular children, examples of worries include:

  • I?m worried that my friend doesn?t like me any more
  • I?m worried about singing in the Christmas show
  • I?m worried that my trainers aren?t fashionable
  • I?m worried that everyone will laugh at my new glasses
  • I?m worried about my parents divorcing

Use during circle time or at any point when nurturing thoughtfulness between pupils or extracting feelings about anxiousness among young children is necessary. Perfect when used together with the Winston the Worried Whale story time resource.