Worry, Anxiety and Behaviour Bundle

£ 199.99


Valuable resources for education, social services, health and social care, these products cover: Autism, Worry & Anxiety, Behaviour, Dyslexia, ADHD, Self-Esteem and much more!

  • Positive Behaviour Kit
    • This kit has been put together with the most popular resources to support children who need a little support to help their behaviour. The majority of children are visual learners, yet we often manage behaviour by using our voices. Children may not hear exactly what we are saying, or lose part of the sentences especially if they are stressed. This bag contains over 200 visual Widget Communication symbols and a range of practical tools to support visual and kinaesthetic learners.
  • Talk with Teddies
    • Use the teddies to support children to understand social rules, acceptable behaviour, feelings and emotions. Winner of the FSB Bedfordshire Business Awards in 2014, the Talk with Teddies kit helps children understand concepts in a visual and kinetic way. The bears are manufactured from a material that allows hook dots (©Velcro) to cling to the fabric allowing each bear to have multiple uses by attaching picture symbol tiles. Using a variety of  ©Widget symbols supplied or by using your own, the bears can be used to help children understand social rules, boundaries, make choices, know what is happening next or simply to play games. The bears can take away anxiety and fear and allow children to hold onto them and use them as fiddle toys.
  • Worry and Anxiety Kit in a Tin
    • A programme teaching young people aged 9 and over to manage their own anxiety and worry. Lots of techniques to use on their own when they begin to feel worried printed onto a fan to keep in their pocket or bag. CD-ROM with printable resources. Instruction book and over 80 question petals on 6 fans to initiate conversations about the individual is feeling. Anxiety is common in young people and without support can lead to illness and depression .This anxiety and worry kit uses the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which empowers the individual to make their own decisions and take control.