Anger Control Cards

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Cards to help manage anger in a healthy way

By Betty Rudd

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These Anger Control Cards will help users deal with anger healthily by discussing anger issues in an enjoyable and safe way. As well as initiating discussion they can also be used in a game format. The intention is to:

  • Help develop resilience
  • Help build self-worth
  • Enable individuals to cope better with challenges
  • Aid in building self-esteem
  • Support players in managing set-backs
  • Teach how to change negative thoughts to positive ones
  • Encourage listening respectfully
  • Facilitate that understanding that another person can have a different point of view

Many valuable tips, step by step instructions, discussion about the importance of managing anger healthily and developing emotional literacy to help build mental resiliency are incorporated into the booklet.

40 Cards and instruction booklet

Ages 11+