Anger Management CD-Rom Ages 5-11

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A series of lesson plans with associated resource sheets that can be used with a class, small groups and individuals

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

Available as a USB Memory Stick or CD-Rom

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This collection of lesson plans is an anger management programme that will give your pupils skills in problem solving, stress management, assertiveness and the overall recognition, understanding and management of anger. It will help pupils?control when, where and with whom their feelings are expressed and then do so in a safe way. The programme can be used?both for one-to-one sessions or groups.

The lesson plans include:
?????What is Anger? How Does it Feel??? To be able to recognise anger in themselves and to know the situations and circumstances that might make them feel angry.
????What is Anger? How Does it Look??? To be able to recognise anger in others and to understand why other people become angry.
????What Can I Do When I Feel Angry??? To be able to recognise and manage anger in different situations and to have a range of strategies to deal with anger.
????What Can I Do When Other People are Angry??? To be able to understand why other people are angry and to know how to respond to someone who is angry.
????Let?s Talk, Not Row?? To be able to listen to others and to be aware of body language.
????Why Get Angry? Perception?? To understand why people become angry about different things and to understand why people have different perceptions of the world.
????Getting Hurt Can Make You Angry?? To understand the effects of being hurt and to be able to deal with hurt in themselves and others.
????Aggressive or Standing up for Myself??? To understand the difference between being aggressive and being assertive, and to be able to be assertive rather than being aggressive.
????Developing Trust?? To understand the importance of trust and to be trustworthy and able to trust others.
????Learning to Relax?? To understand how being able to relax will help when feeling angry and to be able to use some simple relaxation techniques.

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ISBN 978-1-907370-30-4

Ages 5-11

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