Great Games for the Classroom

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Instant source of games for any occasion

By E A Morris

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A source of games to use any time, whether just to dip in to find fun games to suit the group and fill in a few spare minutes or for a more serious purpose ? perhaps the group has issues around paying attention, problem solving, socialising, pulling together and working as a team or being responsible; if so, this resource will prove invaluable because:

  • Games help learning by changing brain chemistry
  • Games promote social connections
  • Games are inclusive
  • Co-operative games help to deal with conflict.

The selection includes games to start (icebreakers) and finish, games to play with partners (less intimidating before moving on to larger group work) and quick games.

Ages 4-11

A4 book of 60 pages with a FREE CD-Rom

ISBN 978-1-907370-07-6