Relationships in Sex Education Primary USB Memory Stick

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36 sex education lesson plans

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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The lesson plans include learning objectives, key questions, activities and resource sheets. They give the children the opportunity to learn through questions and discussion, so developing their attitudes and feelings as well as being able to reflect upon themselves and others in a range of realistic situations.

The lesson plans are broken down into year groups and the subject matter includes:

Year 1 – Lessons
1) If I were?? To develop self-awareness and to begin to understand and value differences between people
2) Differences?? To develop self-confidence and to value physical differences in people
3) My personal qualities?? To understand that people are different in ways other than physical features and to recognise the personal qualities in themselves and others
4) Your personal qualities?? To recognise the personal qualities in themselves and others
5) My perfect day?? To identify experiences and activities which they enjoy and make them happy
6) Who are the parents??? To know that the young of many species need the care of their parents and the type of care that humans need

Year 2 – Lessons
1) Feelings?? To be able to identify feelings and to be able to recognise the feelings of others
2) When am I at risk??? To be able to recognise situations of risk and to know what to do in risky situations
3) Who will help me??? To know who to ask for help in different situations and to be able to ask for help
4) Feeling good?? To be able to recognise ?feeling good? and to understand that certain situations help make them ?feel good?
5) A new baby?? To be able to adapt to change within the family as a result of a new baby
6) Good friends?? To know what qualities make a good friend and to be able to be a good friend

Year 3 ? Lessons
1) What we are good at?? To be aware of their own strengths and qualities and to be able to give and receive compliments
2) Needs and wants?? To understand the difference between needs and wants
3) Boys and girls?? To understand some of the differences between boys and girls, other than physical attributes, and to respect and value the differences
4) It?s good to be different?? To have the confidence to formulate and give their own opinions and respect the opinions of others
5) Comments that hurt?? To understand that comments about others can hurt and to be confident enough not to be hurt by other people?s comments
6) Influence and persuasion?? To be able to make decisions for themselves and to be aware of the influence of others

Year 4 ? Lessons
1) Friends?? To know what a good friend is and to understand how to make and keep friends
2) When I feel very unhappy?? To be able to recognise feelings of distress and to know how to ask for help
3) One step at a time?? To understand that sometimes we all have to deal with difficult times in our lives and to be able to think positively no matter what
4) Keeping safe?? To know the importance of keeping safe and to respect and be aware of personal space
5) Reading feelings?? To be able to recognise how people show their feelings towards one another and to know that sometimes people?s behaviour and true feelings are different
6) Good times?? To know what different groups of people do together for enjoyment and celebration

Year 5 ? Lessons
1) Growing up?? To understand the process of growing up and its implications
2) Changing feelings?? To be able to identify positive and negative feelings and know how to deal with the negative feelings
3) Boys and girls?? To understand the different perspectives of boys and girls and to understand friendship between boys and girls
4) Feelings about my body?? To be aware of and appreciate physical differences
5) Persuasion?? To recognise when they are being influenced or persuaded and to be able to assert themselves
6) What do I want??? To know what they want for themselves and take responsibility in planning their future

Year 6 ? Lessons
1) Attractions?? To know that people are attracted to others by physical qualities and to understand that relationships depend on more than physical attraction
2) Feelings about babies ? To understand when and why people choose to have babies and the difficulties of babies
3) Who?s responsible??? To know there is shared responsibility in having children
4) Who can I trust??? To know which people they can trust and to recognise situations where trust is important
5) Dealing with change?? To be able to adjust and cope with changes in life and to know who to ask for help
6) What is family??? To understand the meaning of ?family?

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