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This is a collection of 13 assembly stories which cover topics such as getting along, manners, beliefs and breaking rules. Each story takes between 6 and 10 minutes to tell and contain some form of dilemma to stimulate reflection during the assembly. Most finish with a specific question or leave the audience wondering ?what happens next??

By John Linstead

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This is a very useful set of assembly stories that focus on themes relating to PSHEE.?The stories include:

  • Only Room For One?? This story is about a bus driver who refuses to drive the bus because it is overcrowded, leading to the problem of who should get off.
  • Finders Keepers?? This story is of a girl who finds a fifty pound note in the street and decides to keep it, with the aim of treating herself to some new jeans.
  • It?s Ridiculous!?? This story tells of a meeting between a pupil, her mother and the school head teacher about wearing the appropriate school uniform.
  • Mind Your Manners?? This story looks at the implicit, unwritten rules to do with manners, etiquette and fashion and how these rules change over time.
  • Never on Sunday?? This story looks at how the religious beliefs of a boy with a real talent prevent him from taking part in football matches and the difficulty his friend has in understanding this.
  • All the Fun of the Fair?? This is the light-hearted story of three friends attending a local summer fete and their encounter with the various rules and regulations that have been applied to it.
  • Nightmare!?? Clare from ?All the Fun of the Fair? has a nightmare in which she?s accused of breaking all sorts of what she sees as ridiculous rules.
  • Home Sweet Home?? This story covers topics such as sibling squabbling, household chores, a frustrated parent and conflict resolution.
  • Are You Sure You Want to Play??? This is a humorous story in which April invents an unlikely board game and considers the theme of knowing the rules before you agree to take part and sticking to them, as well as devising the rules in the first place and on what basis.
  • Champion?? This story concerns a young golfer?s big chance for everlasting glory. He is successful in a vital match and he faces a quandary as he knows he has broken a rule.
  • Penalty Ref?? This is a story about a football match in which the referee decides there is too much questioning of his decisions and walks off.
  • Emergency?? This story is of a mother about to give birth and her husband?s attempts to get to hospital and the subsequent breaking of rules.

Further suggested questions have been included after each story and more associated themes or discussion topics are also provided.

ISBN 978-1-907370-60-1

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