Assessing & Developing Self-Esteem Ages 5-11

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An easy way to assess and develop a child’s self-esteem, their sense of self, belonging and personal power

By E A Morris

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Assessing & Developing Self-Esteem Ages 5-11 contains everything you need to evaluate the self-esteem of an individual child or group of pupils using a self-esteem indicator questionnaire which will enable you to evaluate an overall level of the individual’s self-esteem, plus obtain scores on sense of self, sense of belonging and sense of personal power. Based on the results of the assessment, the manual then helps you design an intervention programme to enhance self-esteem and this is achieved through selecting from a range of activities.

This manual, specifically for 5 to 11 year olds, has a self-esteem indicator questionnaire consisting of 36 questions and has 62 age-specific activities divided into six sections.

1) Creating a self-esteem building environment Activities include: Listening, Make learning fun, Positive praise Little things mean a lot, Creating an open environment, Be open-minded, Be patient, Circle Time Walking in your pupil’s shoes, Share Thank you letter, Visualisation and stories, Modelling Emotional coaching, The power of being a human being Experiment.

2) Supporting? teaching? professionals ¬†Activities include: You are unique, Celebrate Accept praise Ideas board, You make a difference, Make time for you, The work-life balance, Recognising achievements, Get to know people, Check-up, Give feedback, Don’t be superman/woman, You can do it.

3) Developing a sense of self Activities include: Magic mirror, The most beautiful leaf in the world, Project self Relaxation, How do you feel, Feelings wheel, Big boast newsletter, Pat on the back, Me poster, Which animal I like knowing you, Think about feelings.

4) Developing a sense of belonging  Activities include: Class favourite collage, Get well card, Welcome back, Class mural, Fingerprints, Our class colours, Reporters, Applause, Making friends.

5) Developing a sense of personal power Activities include: Problem-solving, Heroes and heroines, Celebrate success, Bill of Rights, You can do it, Trying is important, Be assertive.

6) General activities to build self-esteem Activities include: Let’s have a debate, Play or pass, Proud to be your teacher, Pupil of the week, Who’s who?

Some of the activities involve worksheets which can be photocopied from the manual.

Once the programme has been completed you can then reassess the self-esteem of the child or group and measure the change and progress made to date.

This programme is ideal for both individual pupils to a full-blown whole school initiative.

ISBN 978-1-909380-47-9