Games for Building Self-Esteem

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Games and activities to promote self-esteem in 7-11 year olds

By E A Morris

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This resource contains a variety of 48 different games and activities for 7-11 year olds to promote self-esteem by working on three crucial areas:

1) Sense of self?? This involves knowing who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what your beliefs are, what you want. Games to build a sense of self include: What can your body do?, Grand hands, What can I hear?, Things to do with fingers and toes, I?ve got a sound right inside of me, End of the day stories, My name is, What can I smell, taste and hear?, We are in line, Pass the smile, Spot the difference, What?s changed?, Big blot, Me and my shadow, Elbow to elbow.

2) Sense of belonging?? This is one?s sense of being connected to others. Games to build a sense of belonging include: Acting out nursery rhymes, Rolling logs, Everyone has a turn, Who wants a sandwich?, Love is all around, We are in a jungle, Breathing together, Birds in the air, Tear away, Hunt the music, Back pictures, Shoe mates, Fire engines,?Double action painting.

3) Sense of personal power?? This involves having an awareness of the impact you have on what happens around you including that you will be listened to and your views respected. Games to build a sense of personal power include: What am I doing?, The big balloon, Who?s underneath that big hat?, Who?s that saying that?, Pop, pop, popping, I can ?, Mirror, mirror on the wall, Simon says ? says Simon, Can you spot the bean bag?, Big monsters, Not a sound, Jack and Jill, The dream maker, Flowers and animals, Puffing Billy, High and low are low and high, Stalking, Hunt the thimble, Jigsaws.

As well as boosting self-esteem, the games also promote brain development and can be used in small groups or whole classes.

Ages 7-11

60 pages,?A4 ring-bound photocopiable book with free CD-Rom

ISBN 978-1-907370-16-8