Billy and the Big D-cision CD-Rom

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Dilemmas, options and consequences relating to young people and drugs.

By Les Cowan


‘… This is a really excellent stand-alone resource which?considers rights and responsibilities around substance misuse in credible social?contexts. The characters are believable, the use of the mobile phone clever and?the issues are addressed in a mature comprehensive manner, exploring and?challenging common myths and attitudes. It dares not to overstate, accepting?that drugs may well not hurt you or turn you into an addict after one try; the?description of physical dependence of heroin includes references to nicotine and?alcohol – an especially important message particularly for this age?group … Highly recommended for use in schools, youth clubs and indeed in the?home.’?
Patrick Hargreaves for Drugscope

Developed in partnership with Orkney DASAT and Scotland Against Drugs

Billy?s back but sadly life doesn?t get any easier. Now some of his pals are passing drugs round at school and he has to decide what to do. Will he take the?drugs and risk the effects on his health, his schoolwork and his family or say?no and probably get laughed at?

Help is at hand though. Not only can Billy try out a choice, find out what might happen then take it back and try something else, but he can also call for?help on his mobile phone, ask questions relevant to the scene he?s in and?consult an extensive database of drug-related topics.

Billy and the Big D-cision?offers young people the chance to explore a wide range of issues to do with drug-taking, peer pressure, actions, consequences and?responsibility in a safe, enjoyable environment.

As well as 18 scenes, 54?choices, 15 outcomes, 45 talkabout topics and over 200 animations and sound?effects,?Billy and the Big D-cision?also comes with a unique drugs?database, primary and secondary worksheets, and a detailed user guide.?Billy and?the Big D-cision?is aimed particularly at pupils aged 10-14 and aims to support drugs education in school, social work and?other youth initiatives.

Ages 10-14

ISBN 978-1-909380-18-9