Billy and the Break In CD-Rom

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An interactive approach to choices and decisions regarding offending behaviour

By Les Cowan

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Responding to the needs of young people with more serious behavioural issues,?Billy and the Break In?sees Billy?s pals thinking about breaking into an off-licence and stealing money and drink. What?s Billy going to do this time?

With a similar format to earlier adventures but now dealing with more serious?issues,?Billy and the Break In?also adds more characters, more situations and?new ‘talkabout’ topics in every scene. An excellent way of raising a host of?issues in a safe and fun environment guaranteed to get young people thinking and?talking.


  • 14 decision-making scenes
  • 13 different outcomes
  • Over 80 discussion?topics
  • Click-to-read age-appropriate speech
  • Multicultural and multi-gender

Ages 10-14

ISBN 978-1-909380-19-6

“This CD-based resource provides young people, and the social workers and?others who work with them, with an attractive and interactive way of thinking?about and addressing behavioural issues. This new title deals with the dilemmas?and issues facing ‘Billy’ when his friends start talking about how they could?break into an off-licence and steal money and drink. The interactive medium?allows young people to make particular choices, to follow through their?consequences, and to reflect what they mean for them, and others.?

It presents an attractive learning situation for young people who are or?might be at risk of engaging in offending behaviour, enabling them to examine?situations in which they could be involved. It covers everything from peer?pressures and friendships to what happens if they’re caught and Billy goes to?court and tells on his friends, or conversely keeps quiet about their?involvement. Although the CD is very easy to use, staff are advised to go?through it with young people in order to provide support, and perhaps ensure?that they take in fully the messages presented.”
Mike George: Care and Health