Blob Best Sellers Special Collection

£ 299.99

Carefully selected Blob resources to focus on developing awareness of feelings and emotions

By Pip Wilson and Ian Long


Blobs are delightful characters (without age or gender) that help to facilitate and stimulate meaningful discussions about difficult issues or situations. Individuals or groups can start a discussion by identifying themselves, or others, with an individual or a group of blobs whose actions or feelings represent their own.

This Resource Set includes the following:

  • Blob Emotions Posters
    • Four posters to help children and young people talk about specific emotions – Anger, Disappointment, Calm, Happy
  • Blob Tree Posters
    • Four classic Tree design posters to stimulate discussion
  • Which Blob do you Feel Like Today? Poster
    • Discuss Feelings and Emotions in every classroom & staff room
  • Blob Anxiety Book
    • Essential visual tools to help people discuss and manage their anxieties
  • Blob Resilience Book
    • Use the uniqueness of the Blobs to explore and enhance resilience
  • Blob Themed Trees Book
    • This innovative visual tool applies to many of the most emotive topics of today
  • Blob Loss Book
    • A series of reflective tools to help everyone through the process of grief
  • Blob Kindness Book
    • Images and questions to help children and young people talk through Kindness

These books and posters are suitable for all ages.