Resources to support The Healthy Happy Minds Scheme In Primary Schools

£ 599.00



This toolbox of carefully chosen products is aimed at supporting the early stage emotional well-being of children.
Covering critical the areas of
• feelings • emotions • worries • mindfulness
the pack provides teachers with the practical resources to address these issues.
The Pack Consists Of:
• Little Stars • Assessing and Developing Self Esteem 5-11
• Mindfulness in the Early Years • Mindfulness – How to Calm your Class
• Anger Management Programme • Moving On From Anger • Social Skills Learning
• Blob Loss • Mindfulness in a Tin 5-11 Cards • Talking about Self-Esteem Cards
• Little Tin of Big Worries Cards • Anger Management Discussion Cards 5-11
• Anger Management Games Primary Cards • Friendship Skills Cards
• Character Education Cards • Talk About Special Occasions Cards
• Talk About Myself Cards • Talk About Feelings Cards