Resilience Coping Strategies

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Activities focusing on resilience in young people

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Mental Health & Well-Being Activities: Resilience Coping Strategies

Activities focusing on resilience in young people

By Stephanie George

Staff working in schools are faced with a multitude of issues in addition to teaching and learning: often these are social, emotional and mental health issues. Of social and public concern, the government has made a commitment to mental health services and provision in schools. Moves are afoot to ensure that children and young people will be taught more about mental health, including keeping safe online and cyber-bullying.

This book, Resilience, the first in the Mental Health & Well-Being series, provides practical activities to help practitioners when working with children and young people in schools. There are 20 activities including:

  • Early help assessment tools? ? Action plans? ? Assessment matrices
  • Ways to help contextualise student experiences? ? Signposting tools

This book is intended for use by those working in a variety of settings including schools, alternative education settings, Learning Support Units, Pupil/Student Referral Units, Isolation Units, Exclusion Rooms, and similar settings. It is suitable for learning mentors, pastoral team leaders, HLTAs, family support workers and welfare teams.

The activities can be led by teachers, behaviour mentors, pastoral assistants, learning mentors, exclusion rooms staff and special educational needs staff.

Ages 10-16 approximately 80 pages, A4, photocopiable.??? ISBN 978-1-909380-05-9