Body Language DVD

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DVD – All ages

Develop the understanding of feelings, emotions, empathy and general social awareness using this clever resource which captures the imagination using the universal language of mime

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The DVD features internationally acclaimed mime artist, Richard Jones from The Mime Factory and it is a collection of six short scenarios covering anger, fear, worry, happiness, sadness, confidence, love and many, many more feelings.

The scenes are:

  • The Accident?
  • Farewell?
  • Lost Pet?
  • Happy Times?
  • Feeling Nervous?
  • Painful Tooth

The scenes demonstrate different emotions and allow the viewer to interpret and predict events.

The viewer is challenged to:

  • Think about what is happening
  • Describe the scene
  • Comment on the movements and body language
  • Consider how he is feeling
  • Describe the facial expression
  • Explain why he is feeling this way
  • Ask: “How would you feel if it were you?”

How to Use the Resource

First read the teacher?s notes for your chosen scenario. The teacher?s notes describe the scene in detail – all the body movements and the facial expressions, and what they mean. Then show the scene to your class and maybe let them view it a few times, pausing if necessary. Having viewed the scene let the class discuss what they can see in terms of body language, movements and facial expressions, and what feelings and emotions these indicate. You can contrast the feelings at the beginning of the scene with those at the end. Use the clips to talk about positive and negative experiences. Also you can ask the class how they think they would feel in a similar situation and how would they react? As the scenes are filmed without speech it?s an excellent platform from which to discuss pupils’ feelings, emotions, empathy and general social awareness.

DVD running time: 20 minutes

All ages

ISBN 978-1-907370-73-1