Positive Approaches to Reduce Bullying CD-Rom

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This comprehensive guide is full of strategies and practical tips, with lesson plans, resource sheets and teachers’ notes to help reduce bullying. It includes audit tools to analyse the extent of bullying in a school, with lesson plans to then address the situation.

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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Key areas that the resource addresses include:

Developing self esteem, empathy, personal well-being, negotiating skills, decision-making, assertiveness, plus having an understanding of peer pressure, diversity, prejudice, moral issues, and it gives ways of finding help and information.

Primary Lesson Plans include:
? Being bullied into doing something I know is wrong ? I was a bystander ? Which situations are bullying? ? How can we reduce bullying? ? Being assertive and saying no.

Secondary Lesson Plans include:
? What is bullying? ? Attitude, values, myths and realities ? Effects of bullying ? Role-playing to tackle bullying ? School solutions to bullying ? Assertiveness.

The resource includes:
? Developing a whole school approach ? Involving the School Council ? Classroom approaches ? Sample policy ? Dealing with bullying ? Getting help ? A tried-and-tested whole school audit tool and ?in house? reporting service ? Supporting lesson plans ? How to encourage the reporting of bullying ? Understanding the trauma caused by bullying.

Ages 4-18

ISBN 978-1-907370-55-7