Bruce’s Multimedia Story CD-Rom

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Based on Bruce’s Story

By Maureen Thom & Celia Macliver

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Bruce?s Story is already well known to thousands of childcare professionals and children and now it?s even better in an interactive CD-Rom format with all the value of the original plus animation, speech, music, sound effects and interactivity.

Bruce?s Story is all about a spaniel sort of dog, born on a farm with lots of brothers and sisters but the puppies had to all go to new homes and we learn of Bruce?s adventures and the people he meets at that lovely new home.

Children can experience aspects of Bruce?s life to help them think about their own. It can help them realise that change can be positive and how they can make new relationships in new families.

From time to time in the story ?Bruce?s Bones? provide specific points to chew over and discuss, so that children can describe similar experiences of their own and you can record the answers on the background word processor.

The CD-Rom is easy to use, simply click on:

  • Story text to have it read to you
  • Page numbers to jump to contents
  • Bones for secret messages to Bruce
  • The computer symbol for a word processor to store answers
  • The mini Bruces to go forwards and back
  • ESC (Windows) Command Q (Mac) to finish.

Comes with all artwork in colour and line-drawn versions for further activities.

Ages 5-8

ISBN 978-1-909380-27-1

‘… probably the most useful bit of material I have ever come across in helping children to come to terms with the moves entailed within the care system?and particularly with adoption.’?Adoption UK