Drug Education CD-Rom Secondary

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28 lesson plans that cover all areas of drug education

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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The lesson plans are broken down into the different year groups and the subject matter includes:

Year 7 ? Lessons
1) Drugs ? To be able to make safe and well-considered decisions
2) Who takes illegal drugs? ? To understand that people from a broad spectrum of society take illegal drugs
3) Assessing personal qualities and making friends ? To know how to choose a friend
4) People who take illegal drugs ? To understand that how a person may look will not always be a good indicator of character
5) Would you like some drugs? ? To be able to deal with being offered an illegal drug
6) All about risk ? To understand which issues someone should consider in assessing a risky situation
7) Making personal choices in my life ? To be able to make appropriate personal choices
8) How can school help me now and in the future? ? To understand how school can be used to achieve their hopes and dreams

Year 8 ? Lessons
1) My views on illegal drugs ? To be able to develop a balanced opinion which reflects their own opinion of issues surrounding drugs
2) Accepting responsibility ? To understand the need for taking responsibility as they get older
3) Abusing solvents ? To know that many household substances when misused can be dangerous and potentially life threatening
4) Prescribed and non-prescribed drugs ? To know that some prescribed and non-prescribed drugs are misused
5) About tobacco ? To understand that there are significant health risks associated with smoking
6) About alcohol ? To understand that alcohol can damage health and lead to addiction

Year 9 ? Lessons
1) If I use drugs ? To understand that there are personal risks and consequences to taking illegal drugs
2) How would you deal with a drug-related emergency? ? To know when a situation involving drug abuse has become dangerous
3) Using a visitor for drug education – Maybe bring in a police officer to explain that drugs are illegal and to help the students understand the law in relation to illegal drugs
4) Taking risks with friends ? To understand how to assess the risk taken by a group and to make a personal choice
5) I thought I was going out to a party ? To be able to help someone in relation to illegal drugs when they can?t help themselves
6) Thinking of the future ? To be able to take responsibility in planning for the future

Year 10 ? Lessons
1) All about the drug pusher ? To know that anyone in society can be a drug pusher
2) Drugs in the world of sport ? To know that some athletes use body-enhancing drugs to improve athletic performance and understand the risks involved
3) People who take drugs at work and the consequences ? To understand the dangers and personal risks of taking drugs at work
4) How do you feel? ? To be able to cope with feelings of unhappiness in a positive way
5) Under pressure ? To understand that we can cope with pressure by internal processes

Year 11 ? Lessons
1) The effects of drugs on the body ? To understand that all illegal drugs are harmful and potentially dangerous
2) Risk ? To be able to assess the effect of taking a risk on themselves and others
3) Helping others ? To understand that, at times, we all need to give and offer help
4) What about the future? ? To assess what will need to be done to succeed in their future.

Ages 11-16

ISBN 978-1-907370-45-8