Essential Guides to Therapy Best Buy Set

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Set of 4 books for CBT, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, SFBT


  • The Essential Guide to Using Mindfulness with Children & Young People
    • A practical, user-friendly introduction to key tools and strategies.
    • Mindfulness can help young people to develop the ability to calm themselves; to pay attention to themselves in the world and to think about and reflect upon their actions and relationships. These practical skills can help build resilience and manage anxiety and stress through increased sensory awareness; regulation of emotions and attention and acceptance of thoughts and feelings. Through these easy to use techniques, young people will be better able to manage social relationships, anxiety levels, memory, self-understanding and relaxation.

      132pp A4 paperback

  • The Essential Guide to Using Positive Psychology with Children & Young People
    • Help young people to recognise their strengths and use these to build confidence for the future.
    • Emotional well-being is not a stand-alone feature but is linked to our ability to flourish and achieve. Happy young people will learn and perform better in school than those who are unhappy. They are more energetic, focused and creative and better able to form friendships. This clear guide shows how to use practical activities to promote thoughtful discussions, engaging, strength-building exercises and confidence boosting fun to enable young people to recognise their personal strengths and use these to build healthy habits, set effective targets and make value-based decisions.

      168pp A4 paperback

  • The Essential Guide to Using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with Children & Young People
    • Learn how to use this effective problem-solving technique to help young people.
    • CBT is an effective intervention for anyone helping young people with emotional problems and difficulties. It emphasises the role that thoughts play in both emotions and behaviours and focuses on the fact that changing thought processes can have a significant effect on altering behaviours. It can result in positive changes over a short period of time. Through the use of problem-solving skills young people can learn to reconsider negative assumptions and reframe their self-perception to improve their emotional well-being. Full of easy-to-use practical techniques and strategies.

      200pp A4 paperback

  • The Essential Guide to Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) with Children & Young People
    • Help young people to learn to devise solutions and to focus on the future rather than the past.
    • Solution focused brief therapy is based on solution-building rather than problem solving. It encourages people to explore their current resources and future hopes rather than focusing upon present problems and their past causes. Outlines key techniques and strategies that have been shown to be effective across a wide range of difficulties and problems, however serious these may seem. Explains clearly how and why to use these successful methods to help young people find solutions, build confidence and reach their goals.

      160pp A4 paperback