Gambling USB Memory Stick

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This series of lesson plans has been written to help address the rapid growth?of issues and problems relating to young people gambling

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross


This?Gambling?USB Memory Stick is a collection of lesson plans, each with activities and answers, which look at:

What is Gambling??? To understand the meaning of gambling and to understand how probability affects the risk of gambling

Who are the Gamblers??? To know that gambling is a widespread activity and to understand why people gamble

Facts and Figures?? To know how the pattern of gambling has changed in recent years and to know the basic laws in relation to gambling

Risky Business?? To understand the scale of risk involved in gambling and to be able to judge the possible consequences when making gambling decisions

Social Gambling?? To know that in moderation social gambling can be an acceptable form of entertainment

Solo Gambling?? To understand that Internet gambling in moderation can be a form of entertainment and to know the risk of Internet gambling

Do I Have a Problem??? For individuals to be able to recognise whether they have a problem with gambling and to know how to get help

What Should Be Done??? To understand the need for changes in the law and the pattern of gambling in the UK and to be able to contribute to the discussion of changes in the laws related to gambling.

Activities include mathematical probability calculations, multiple-choice questions on gambling facts and figures, self-analysis questionnaires, role-play, debate and much more.

Ages 11-16

ISBN 978-1-907370-46-5