Let’s Talk About Anger & Aggression Discussion Cards

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By Ester R. A. Leutenberg & Kathy Khalsa

Written by a team of best-selling authors, this card series is designed to enhance mental health and well-being by acknowledging
that ?it?s good to talk?. It encourages discussion about six specific areas: resilience, mindfulness, anxiety, anger & aggression, social skills and problem solving. Each set covers five carefully chosen topics, with ten thought-provoking cards per topic.

The five areas covered in the Anger and Aggression set are:

  • Anger awareness
  • Anger thinking
  • Anger triggers
  • Aggressive communication
  • Managing aggression

Use these cards with a wide range of groups and clients to:

  • Ask non-threatening questions
  • Encourage reflection leading to insight and modification of thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Consider a scenario, quote or sentence on a particular card
  • Allow participants to explore their effectiveness by rating themselves
    in a variety of critical life skills
  • Encourage lively discussion and open conversation in a group
  • Encourage group collaboration
    in answering difficult questions
  • Allow participants to explore important attitudes and personal experiences in a safe setting
  • Introduce activities and establish the perfect basis for writing diaries, creative expression, games, slogans, board activities, technology and other techniques.

For use with groups and individuals aged 12 and up. Includes a booklet full of ideas for using the cards.

50 Cards and booklet