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Concrete and creative, useful and purposeful – these are tools that won’t fall to the bottom of your toolbox. Easy to implement with clear direction and goals, these activities and insights would be great on their own or as a go to when you need a little something extra. Engaging for both child and practitioner, the take home activities will continue to reinforce the materials long after the session’s ended.
Janis Lilly, M.Ed., Directress, The LAND School: Learning and Nature Discovery!


When it comes to fun and creative, as well as profoundly insightful therapeutic strategies, Bonnie Thomas never disappoints. Her new book More Creative Coping Skills for Children is packed with gems just waiting to be mined. She includes games, crafts, art, theatre, improvisation, painting, writing, movement, stories, indoor and outdoor projects, and more – nearly any kind of creative and expressive intervention one can imagine is here! The range and scope of activities in this book addresses everything from day-to-day concerns such as practicing manners and getting along with others, to more intensive circumstances such as grief, loss and trauma and is truly awe-inspiring. I am consistently amazed at Ms. Thomas’ seemingly endless ability to bring ever more imaginative and creative tools to aid therapists, teachers and parents in helping kids and teens grow and learn. Every therapist should have this book on the shelf and not be afraid to use it! Though the title says it is for children, many of the activities can also be used with teens as well as adults, individually and in groups. I will personally be using this book in my own therapy practice (including grown-ups!) and as a parent at home with my daughter.
Karla Helbert, Psychotherapist and Author of Yoga for Grief and Loss and Finding Your Own Way to Grieve: A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum