Relationships in Sex Education Secondary

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Detailed lesson plans that address relationships and complement the biological elements of any sex education programme

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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The lesson plans include learning objectives, key questions, activities and resource sheets. They give young people the opportunity to learn through questions and discussion, so developing their attitudes and feelings as well as reflecting upon themselves and others in a range of realistic situations.

The lesson plans are broken down into year groups and the subject matter includes:

Year 7 – Lessons
1) Friendship?? Know the value of friendship and understand the reasons why people have friends
2) Growing up and responsibility?? Be able to recognise that they are changing and growing up and understand that responsibility increases as children move into their teenage years
3) Boyfriends, girlfriends, feelings?? Understand the importance of feelings and that boys and girls may have different feelings
4) Listening?? Understand why a person needs to listen
5) Values?? Understand the need for values and know how to explore and develop your own values

Year 8 – Lessons
1) Boys and girls and growing up?? Understand that boys and girls may feel differently in many situations and have different aspirations and motivations
2) Priorities?? Understand that we are all responsible for making decisions that affect our lives and that some issues have a greater priority than others
3) Parents?? Understand the perspective of a caring parent and know when a parent is acting in the best interest of their children
4) Being a Mum, being a Dad and what really matters?? Understand the reasons why parents set family values
5) Sexism?? Be aware of their own perception of men and women
6) Homophobic bullying?? Understand that young people can be unkind to and bully people who choose to have an alternative lifestyle, such as a gay relationship

Year 9 ? Lessons
1) Responsibilities in a sexual relationship?? Understand that a sexual relationship brings responsibilities and know that a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, brings life-long responsibilities for both females and males
2) Health responsibilities in a sexual relationship?? Understand that there are certain health risks and responsibilities in a sexual relationship
3) Contraception ? Whose responsibility??? To understand the importance of taking responsibility for themselves and to be able to assert themselves in pressurising situations
4) Life as a young Mum?? Know what life will be like looking after a baby, all day, every day
5) Parents and teenagers?? Understand the difficulties in being the parent of a teenager

Year 10 ? Lessons
1) Emotional responsibilities in a sexual relationship?? Understand the impact of emotions in a sexual relationship
2) Love and marriage?? Understand why some people choose to get married
3) Me and you?? Know what I want from a relationship
4) Agony aunt?? Understand that there are times when we all need help and advice in life
5) Influence and persuasion?? Know that there are situations when some people can be very persuasive
6) Parenting skills?? Understand that a person needs a range of skills to be an effective parent and it can be difficult

Year 11 ? Lessons
1) Media image of success?? Understand that the media stereotypes successful images
2) Exploitation?? Understand that in some situations men, women, young people and children can be exploited
3) Celebrating difference?? Understand that people choose to be involved in different kinds of relationship
4) Body images?? Know that there can be health implications when trying to achieve the desired body image
5) Teenage Dad?? To know that a young man has responsibilities both now and in the future as a father
6) Teenage Dad, looking after baby?- Understand the responsibilities of parenthood and know that a baby relies on its parents for its safety and well-being

Ages 11-16
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