See if I Care? CD-Rom

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An?interactive resource for young carers’ assessment

By Les Cowan

Recent policy developments have rightly placed an increased?emphasis on supporting young carers and on providing useful and effective services. Key to this is the need for high-quality assessment to make sure services are appropriate and relevant.

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Information Plus has worked with the Young Carers Alliance, Princess Royal Trust for Carers and our local Crossroads Carers Centre to develop a unique interactive CD-Rom resource to help young carers talk about their lives, what the issues and problems are, and what help they would find most useful.?See if I Care??is designed to be interactive, child friendly and up to date both in format and function, and more accessible, relevant and engaging than traditional?paper-based tools.

Specifically?See if I Care??is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Attractive
  • Easy to use
  • Updateable
  • Portable
  • Supported by in-built training materials

Ages 11-18

ISBN 978-1-907370-71-7

Speaking at the Princess Royal Trust for Carers Young Carers policy conference where the tool was launched, Shona Robison, Minister for Public Health said?‘… The See If I Care? tool will support and complement the?Getting It Right For Every Child approach. I welcome this tool being launched?today. This interactive tool will provide valuable detail specific to the?situation of being a young carer to make sure that help is appropriate,?proportionate and timely.’

‘an excellent resource … young carers loved it and found it much more?interesting than the worksheets that I have used in the past’ ?Ashley Smith, Young Carers Officer, Stirling