SpeakEasy CD-Rom

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By Bridget Betts & Les Cowan

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SpeakEasy?has been specifically developed as a follow up and companion to?My?Life Story?to enable looked-after children and young people to express their opinions, wishes and feelings as part of the statutory review process. It aims?to engage children and young people in this process by being interactive and?fun.

Using a popular mix of fill-in fields and interactive activities,?SpeakEasy?helps young people say how they feel in?six interactive sections, each of which includes additional information and resources.

As well as being able to print and save all input,?SpeakEasy?also produces a?compact report for reviews and planning meetings ? all in all an exciting new way?of involving young people in the key decisions affecting their lives.

The six interactive sections are:

  • My Review
  • Where I Live
  • My?Health
  • My Education
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Future Plans

There are dozens of fill-in fields and interactive activites, printable worksheets and a professional training guide. Other features are:

  • All pages printable for a child’s record of their information
  • All data can?be saved for future use
  • Produces a compact dated report for submission to a?childcare review meeting
  • Runs from the CD-Rom, enabling use over an unlimited?number of computers with an unlimited number of children

Ages 8+

ISBN 978-1-909380-26-4

‘This interactive CD-Rom allows young people in care to fill in fields to help them say what they think and feel about being in care. Along with a range?of other interactive activities, it is an exciting way of involving young people?in the key decisions affecting their lives. SpeakEasy makes substantial use of?voice clips to further improve accessibility and contains a wealth of?information young people need to understand what is going on.’?Children Now Magazine