Surf Safe Posters

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Specially written in “young speak” and packed with practical tips, these attention-grabbing posters outline essential rules for safety on the internet

By Eve Wilson

Available in packs of 5, 10 or 15

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A vital resource for today’s Internet society, this set of posters outlines and reinforces 8 basic rules forthe safe use of chat rooms and social networking sites.

The?TOP TIPS?are:
?????????Stay anonymous!
?????????Be private!
?????????Want to post a photo?
?????????Want lots of friends?
?????????So you want to meet?
?????????Be happy!
?????????Talk to someone!
?????????Believe … NOT!

The pack includes:

5, 10 or 15 copies of the Surf Safe A3 colour poster which can be put up around the school in classrooms and strategic spots.
A laminated?A4 black-and-white?poster that can be photocopied and?handed out to pupils.

One, two or three FREE CD-Roms?which contain printable A4 copies of the poster and?an A4 guide for parents and teachers providing useful websites, information, help and further advice.

Suitable for all ages.

ISBN 978-1-909380-33-2

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5 with one FREE CD-Rom, 10 with two FREE CD-Roms, 15 with three FREE CD-Roms