Tig! ‘You’re it!’

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Essential Guide to Popular Indoor and Outdoor Games

By James Hutton-Ashkenny

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Especially ideal for Playground Supervisors, this book details playground games requiring little or no equipment and are more fun for kids than our little adult minds can even begin to imagine. Through years of research in play, this short book light-heartedly explains over 65 all-time favourites that are still the most popular games in the playground today. From the very basics to the more complicated variations, the author will teach you magical ways to shrink giants, catch thieves, chase dragons and much, much more.

Contents include:

  • Warm-up Games
  • Team Games
  • Circle Games
  • Skipping Games
  • Parachute Games
  • And many more!
This is a practical guide for games in the playground, school hall or classroom and beyond that are not just quick to explain and set up, but are timeless fun for children and ‘un-groanups’ alike!

Teach a child a game and they will play for the day, but teach a child how to use their imagination and they will play and learn forever.

ISBN 978-1-909380-82-0