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This carefully written and illustrated book provides an explanation of sex for people with autism and special education needs and disabilities (SEND). It helps readers to understand the physical processes as well as important issues such as consent and sexual safety, helping them to develop positive relationships.

Many people with autism and SEND have or will have intimate relationships. Often sex is alluded to, rather than being carefully explored. This can create confusion around consent, sexual health, and pregnancy, and cause people to turn to dubious online information. This book frankly explains sex so that the reader has a clear understanding of what constitutes sex, knowledge of the proper names for sexual organs and sexual activities, and is aware of the potential physical consequences of having sex.


A welcome addition to my bookshelf. Too often vital information on what a real sexual relationship actually feels like and involves is omitted from educational resources for people with autism and special education needs and disabilities. I welcome its sex-positive perspective, for example exploring how foreplay can be made more pleasurable, as pleasure-based sex education is often omitted in such resources. The book is inclusive of diverse sexual and gender expressions and could be used with both young people and adults. I will be recommending it to anyone working in this area.
Dr Claire Bates, Supported Loving Leader
This is a straightforward book that will answer many questions about sex. Kate Reynolds book is an essential addition to her previous collection which I use with our students and young adults in our educational program. Kate Reynolds has the talent to explore a sensitive topic while taking into account the importance of details and visual content to make the information concrete and accessible. A must read for all professionals and parents!
Isabelle Hénault, PhD, psychologist & sexologist, Director of the Autism & Asperger’s Clinic at Montreal, Canada