Anger Management Games Primary

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Group games using compassion and care to deal with situations of conflict and anger

By E A Morris

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By using games to explore angry feelings, adults working with children can help them begin to understand what they are feeling and work out ways to use those feelings to achieve better outcomes. The majority of these games are to be played first in an angry way and then in a more controlled, compassionate and caring way for comparison and contrast in the subsequent discussion.

Supplied on cards, this resource provides:

  • Essential games for any anger management programme
  • A unique design featuring a dual focus on anger AND compassion
  • A chance to show how we pay attention and learn to behave
  • The opportunity to promote positive relationships
  • Games to widen participants? social perspectives

The game pairs include: When I am angry/When I am happy; Hopping mad/Jumping joy; A picture of anger/A picture of peace; Off with his head!/Human kindness; This is mine/This is ours; Angry like an animal/Understanding like an animal; Excuses/Good reasons; I was really angry pairs/Compassion pairs; That really makes me cross/That really makes me cooperate with another person; Anger associations/Helping other people associations; Angry sentence beginnings/Calm sentence beginnings; Bursting with anger/Popping with excitement.

Ages 5-11

Content: 38 Cards in a tin

ISBN 978-1-907370-01-4