Superhero Behaviour Missions

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Card game to promote good behaviour using secret missions to encourage responsibility, empathy, self-control and respect for others

By Rad & Annie Radburn

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The secret missions include:
???Line up quietly?? Take turns
???Say please?? Help someone carry their belongings
???Be kind????Do your best
?? Explain yourself calmly?? Get involved
???Help someone with a problem?? Hold the door open for somebody
???Put up your hand in class?? Listen to your classmates
???Listen to your teacher?? Respect others
???Respect your environment?? Say thank you
???Show that you have listened?? Sit nicely on the carpet
? ?Speak up for others?? Sit at the table.

To play the game hand out the secret missions and give the children time to think about how to achieve their goal.
You can remind them of their secret missions throughout the day and then at the end of the day take time to discuss them:

  • How did the day?s mission go?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Did you feel you achieved your mission?
  • What problems did you have?
  • What will you change tomorrow?

These missions offer practical and positive opportunities for children to show kindness to others. The game promotes the idea that each child?s behaviour has an impact upon those around them, whether at school, home or beyond, and that good behaviour can be fun and achievable.

Further activities are also included such as:

  • Writing stories about how a superhero tackles a problem
  • Designing a superhero costume
  • Creating a superhero motto
  • Imagining a superhero origin
  • Thinking up your own missions
  • Creating a superhero team.

Contents: The?postcard-sized mission cards come with a?teachers’ guide, plus a CD-Rom which has printable cards on it as well as?a printable?Mission Completed Certificate?and a?Blank Superhero Mission Card?for further Superhero Missions.

Ages 3-9

ISBN 978-1-909380-62-2

The cards are designed and written by Rad & Annie Radburn, a writer/illustrator team who have collaborated for many years producing educational material, freelance commissions and children’s books. They create relatable characters in settings and situations that are topical, reflecting issues that are important to children’s everyday lives.This fun game is designed to empower children by giving them??secret missions? that encourage responsibility, empathy, self-control?and respect for others.