Assessment of Citizenship in the Secondary School CD-Rom

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Written with teachers responsible for Citizenship in mind, this publication provides ideas to develop your school?s procedures and methods for the Assessment of Citizenship.

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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It includes:

  • Organisational strategies to ensure that assessments are secure, whilst time demands are realistic.
  • Ideas for approaches to assessment and activities, which offer assessment support opportunities.

It covers:

  • What should be assessed
  • Using end of Key Stage descriptors
  • How to gather and interpret sufficient information
  • How to record assessments
  • How to gather information about attainment and achievement
  • Writing meaningful reports to parents

ISBN 978-1-907370-34-2

?A must for any secondary school, a very useful publication based on our own?[Spellbinder’s] research and conferences on Assessment in Citizenship, a good time saver?