Contraception: The Computer Game

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Contraception: The Computer Game?is a social learning game which is fun to play yet informative. It aims to make talking about sexual health, behaviour and choices much easier and more constructive, encouraging positive outcomes.

By Barbara Hastings-Asatourian & Les Cowan

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The game is designed for 1-6 players or teams and involves rolling a computerised dice and moving round a computerised board with counters landing on the four different squares:

RISK – 30 risks to evaluate such as: You are on the pill but have been sick. You just take your next pill as normal and don?t bother with additional contraception. Is this a RISK or SAFE?

QUESTION – 29 knowledge-based questions to answer such as: What is the IUS? Is it a) A barrier method? b) A new kind of IUD with a hormone added to it? c) A spermicide? d) An implant?

CHOICES – 24 dilemmas to resolve with 72 choices such as: You want to go out with a girl you like but you know she doesn?t believe in sex before marriage. Do you a) Like her so much you?re willing to wait? b) Start a relationship, but keep hoping she may change her mind? c) Start a relationship, but keep on at her to change her mind?

WAIT HERE – 6 resources of information to collect, for example: You will find several types of clinics where you can get sexual health advice, tests and treatments such as Young Person’s Advisory Services, Genitourinary Medicine Clinics and Family Planning Clinics.

The game tests players on their knowledge of sexual health and contraception; they assess and avoid risky behaviours, think through dilemmas and collect information.?Contraception: The Computer Game?is explicit in terms of language, information and situations but always encourages responsible behaviour characterised by not giving in to outside pressure, opting for safer choices and not launching into sexual behaviour and experimentation that individuals are not yet mature enough to cope with.

PDF files of all content, with all content text ‘click to read’ in a variety of UK regional accents, includes body graphics in the game and in printable PDF files and is based on a tried-and-tested board game format.

Ages 11-18

ISBN 978-1-909380-14-1