My Life Story CD-Rom

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Life story work with looked-after children is more and more clearly recognised as a key part of helping young people come to terms with life events and feelings

By Bridget Betts and Afshan Ahmad

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My Life Story?is the unique, award-winning interactive resource for engaging, enjoyable and accessible life story work.

Designed from the start as a child-friendly CD-Rom,?My Life Story?features sound, colour, animation, voice, music, fascinating or amusing multimedia activities and (of course) a well-researched and professional focus on children’s needs. Developed by two highly experienced childcare professionals?over two years with support from a highly innovative children’s services company,?My Life Story?truly breaks new ground in resources for direct work.

My Life Story?was shortlisted in the Pavilion Awards, runner-up in the HUSITA?awards and has sold over 1,000 copies throughout the UK.

My Life Story?sees children’s information and feelings as akin to buried treasure – immensely valuable but requiring worker and child?to dig?together until they can find it. Hence the main menu comes in the form of a desert island?with tropical and pirate objects. Click on the objects for animations or to?access the various functions and sections of the programme.

Clicking on any of the main input section icons takes users to a tabbed?’filofax’ type page appearing out of the treasure chest and filling with the menu of input pages and activities for that section.

The main sections of?My Life Story?are:

  • Facts and Figures
  • Past and Present
  • People and Places
  • Likes and?Dislikes
  • Hopes and Fears
  • Wishes and Dreams
  • Contacts (an?interactive address book).

Altogether?My Life Story?has over 750 input items, more than 40 interactive activities, over 30 printable worksheets and almost 60 pages of professional?user training material, including an extensive resources guide.

Ages 8-16

ISBN 978-1-909380-29-5

‘We are very impressed by the simplicity, adaptability and accessibility of this resource. It does not require any degree of computer?literacy and can be used by both the professional and the child they are working?with to cover all the main points of Life Story work.’?Louise Paterson,?Deputy Project Manager, NCH Wellingborough Family Centre

‘Having watched my two children using this resource, I can thoroughly?recommend it. Anything computer-based is of immediate interest but the excellent?combination of music, sound effects, animation and graphics makes it a very?attractive programme. In fact, whenever started it was hard to persuade either?of them to close it down!’?Adoption UK

‘My 15-year-old foster son finds reading and writing a challenge but, like?most teenagers, enjoys working on the computer. He says:?”I think about it as an?island of my life with lots of adventures. I think it’s good to travel around?each category. It will take a long time to complete all the parts and do the?worksheets. You can print out the sheets and keep them and see how things change?as you’re growing up. It’s a lot better than writing in a book and if I put it?on a disc it will be easy to keep safe. It was quite easy to read so I can do?some of it on my own. I think this CD-Rom would help children a?lot.’?Jacqueline Wright, foster carer and trainer