Cyberspace Issues Discussion Cards?

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Encouraging students to look at appropriate ways of behaving in the virtual world

By Ashley Ross & Sue Neame


This resource addresses the misuse of smartphones and other mobile technology in arrange of contexts in and out of the school environment. While mobile devices clearly have significant educational uses and benefits, they are also frequently misused.

These question-based discussion cards encourage students to think about and reflect on both the appropriate use and misuse of mobile technology. In addition, using the cards provides an opportunity to establish a considered and agreed set of ground rules to ensure appropriate behaviour is adopted in a consensual way.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Texting in lessons
  • Social chat rooms
  • Homophobic bullying
  • Riot
  • Texting in company
  • Sexting
  • Playing computer games at home
  • Talking face to face
  • Misuse of social networking sites
  • Agreeing school rules on use of mobile phones etc
  • Banning electronic devices at home
  • A supermarket checkout situation
  • Taking pictures in and out of school then posting them?on social media
  • Celebrities and social media.

36 cards

Ages 11-16 ? ? ?Key Stages 3 & 4

ISBN 978-1-909380-54-7