Drug Education USB Memory Stick Ages 4 – 11

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39 lesson plans that cover all areas of drug education

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Each lesson plan has a learning objective, key questions, activities and resource sheets. The lesson plans are broken down into the different year groups and the subject matter includes:

Foundation Stage ? Lessons
1) Medicines ? To know what medicines are and to understand when they are needed
2) What goes onto my body? ? To distinguish what is safe and not safe to put onto their bodies
3) What goes into my body? ? To distinguish what is safe and not safe to put into their bodies
4) Inside my body ? To know what is inside their bodies
5) Keeping safe ? To know how to keep safe

Year 1 ? Lessons
1) Medicines ? To know where medicines are kept and to know they need adult help to take medicines
2) Deciding for myself ? To be able to deal with persuasion and influence
3) Feeling ill ? To know what to do when they feel ill
4) Feeling better ? To understand how to feel better when they are ill
5) Keeping healthy ? To understand how to keep healthy
6) Keeping safe ? To know which people help children keep safe

Year 2 ? Lessons
1) Risks ? To understand when there are risks
2) Keeping safe ? To know how to react safely in dangerous situations
3) More risks ? To begin to understand taking risks
4) What goes into my body? ? To know what is safe to go in your body
5) What goes onto my body? ? To know what is safe to go on your body
6) Keeping healthy ? To know how to keep healthy
7) Injections ? To know the purpose of injections
8) More about injections ? To know which people can safely give them injections
9) Getting better ? To know who helps them get better after being ill and to understand what helps them get better after being ill

Year 3 ? Lessons
1) Does tobacco advertising tempt us to buy? ? To know that advertising affects a person?s decision
2) Making choices about smoking ? To understand that people make their own choices and to know that there are health risks associated with smoking
3) What people think about smoking ? To know that people view smoking differently
4) Keeping safe ? To be aware that there are dangers around us and to be able to minimise risk and keep ourselves safe

Year 4 ? Lessons
1) Asserting myself ? To understand that they have views that should be respected
2) Alcohol ? To understand the damaging effects of alcohol
3) Shall I say ?No?? ? To know how to make decisions about alcohol
4) Addiction ? To understand that some people become addicted to alcohol and to understand the implications of addiction
5) Future choices ? To know how to make informed choices
6) Making decisions for myself ? To understand the importance of making decisions for myself

Year 5 ? Lessons
1) Drugs ? To be able to make safe and well-considered decisions
2) Using a visitor for drug education ? Maybe bring in a police officer to explain that drugs are illegal and help them to understand the law in relation to illegal drugs
3) Health and the transmission of disease ? To know that disease and viruses can be transmitted
4) New challenges ? To understand that life presents new challenges to us all
5) Duties and responsibilities ? To understand that duties and responsibilities vary in different situations

Year 6 ? Lessons
1) People who take illegal drugs ? To understand that how a person may look will not always be a good indicator of character
2) About the media and advertising ? To be discriminate in response to advertising
3) Illegal drugs ? To know that some drugs are illegal and dangerous and it is an offence to buy, sell or retain them and there are consequences of doing so
4) Building confidence ? To be able to build their confidence

Ages 4-11

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