Home-School Postcards (100)

£ 15.95

Postcards designed to encourage children to achieve and to increase their self-esteem

By Rad & Annie Radburn


These bright, colourful postcards with their positive messages are a fabulous incentive to motivate children to achieve and do well at school. Teachers just have to fill them in and then hand them out to pupils to recognise and praise their achievements. Children will be proud to take them home and by doing so it also includes parents, family and other carers in a child’s success.

The postcard designs include:

???Well Done ? Have a bun!

???Thumbs up – You’ve won the cup!

???What a star ? You?ll go far!

???Aren’t you bright – To get it right!

This is a pack of 100 with 25 of each design in the pack.

Size: A6

Ages 4-11

ISBN 978-1-909380-61-5