How to Run an Effective Primary School Council

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An effective School Council, which allows pupils? views to be listened to, will make them feel more valued members of the school. They will learn active citizenship, their personal, social and moral development will be supported and their behaviour in and around school will be improved. In turn their enhanced self-esteem will contribute to more effective learning.

By Sue Neame & Ashley Ross

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This comprehensive resource gives teachers all they need to set up a School Council.

It includes:

  • Purpose of a school council
  • How to set up a school council
  • Models of good practice
  • A pro-forma for an agenda
  • A pro-forma for minutes
  • How adults can support a school council
  • Future development and how to evaluate success
  • An agenda of questions to ask adults
  • An agenda of questions to ask pupils
  • A sample letter from the school council chairperson
  • A school council noticeboard
  • A class discussion sheet
  • A class questionnaire
  • Ways to involve your class
  • What to expect as a school councillor
  • Your rights
  • Being a good chairperson/secretary/treasurer
  • Possible agenda items for the school council
  • Useful words for a school council
  • Two case studies
  • Setting up a website
  • A school council newsletter
  • Sample school council badges
  • A sample letter to parents
Areas that a School Council can noticeably improve upon are:
  • Making break times better
  • Ways to prevent people fighting
  • Ways to keep the playground clean
  • Playground redesign
  • Use of the playground
  • Wet break times
  • How to help people care for each other
  • How ‘Buddies’ might be used

ISBN 978-1-907370-50-2

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