This Is My Book: Dreams & Wishes

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These worksheets will encourage children to feel good about their own creativity and enjoy the extent of their imaginations.

By E A Morris

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A child should know that it’s perfectly normal to dream and have wishes but the worksheets in this book also help them to realise that some dreams are achievable if they break them down into smaller, manageable steps. Helping children to use and learn about their imaginations, the worksheets are:
  • Dream Collage
  • Zippy Zappy Zoom 1
  • Zippy Zappy Zoom 2
  • Hurray for Our Heroine/Hero
  • Achievement Tower
  • Queen/King for a Day
  • Future
  • Space Capsule
  • Blast Off!
  • The Invitations
  • The Silver Casket
  • Dreams Can Come True
  • Bravery Badges

ISBN 978-1-909380-74-5