Walking in the Shoes of Another

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Stories for seeing life from different perspectives


“Do not judge another until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” Native American Proverb
The stories in this volume are intended to encourage younger children to see the things that happen around them from different perspectives and to try to understand other people’s emotions. Ten stories are told from two different perspectives. Events that might seem strange, unfair or untrue can appear completely different when seen from the viewpoint of someone else. •When an old lady encourages two young boys to help themselves to her strawberries, why does she then get upset when there are none left? •Why is a little boy so thoughtless that he gets chocolate on his classmate’s new dress? Contains ten pairs of photocopiable stories each followed by questions that will stimulate lively discussion, designed to illuminate the perspectives and feelings of the different characters in the stories. Ideal for use in PHSE discussions and by SLTs and therapists working with those with ASD and brain injury, this easy to use resource provides an excellent tool for working in this sometimes difficult area.

140pp paperback