Busted CD-Rom

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Tackle realistic social and behavioural issues in an appealing game format

By Hy Resnick, PhD?Professor Emeritus of Social Work,?Washington State University, Seattle

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Busted?offers a fun environment for decisions, consequences and social learning without the pain?of mistakes and misunderstandings.

Modelled on a ‘Monopoly’ type board game,?Busted?is for up to 4 players (or groups) and involves moving counters round a?board and landing on squares representing important areas of life. Here there are dilemmas and?questions covering the topics of:

  • Work
  • School
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Fun
  • Action

By making choices, players can find out what might happen next and gain?(or lose) points in the process.

Since?Busted?is designed to tackle realistic social and behavioural issues, the programme includes situations involving bullying, drugs and alcohol, significant family problems and offending behaviour. For this reason,?Busted?is?only recommended for use with an adult moderator.

‘A particularly worthwhile educational medium for children in the upper stages of primary school … Particularly easily distributed to remoter rural areas … It is an effective resource for helping young people think about?actions, options and consequences.’
Ch Insp. Ian Cox: Lochaber Drug & Alcohol Forum

Ages up to 14

ISBN 978-1-909380-16-5

Suitable for Mac and PC