Character Education Discussion Cards

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80 practical, engaging Character Education Discussion Cards?

By Alice Griffin and Heidi Rivolta


Good character is increasingly seen as vital to success in school and work.

Our easy-to-use, cost-effective discussion cards have been designed to help you nurture strength of character in your pupils ? enabling them to take responsibility for their own behaviour and help others. These practical cards will develop their awareness, insight and understanding of four core values, with 20 scenarios covering each one:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Resiliency
  • Respect

The broad range of scenarios is suitable across the primary age range. They have all been carefully selected to reflect familiar situations, making it easier for your pupils to relate to and discuss them.

Developing kindness is at the core of all character education: it nurtures empathy, compassion, sympathy and thoughtfulness.
Sample scenario:
Losing a pet?Your friend’s cat, Tabatha, has just died. She was an old cat but your friend had had her since she was a baby and is really upset.
Q. What could you do to make your friend feel better?

With honesty comes the nurturing of trustworthy and truthful people who have integrity and morals.
Sample scenario:
Breaking a promise?You promise your mum you will help her clean your grandmother?s house at the weekend but then your best friend asks if you want to join her for a sleepover.
Q. How do you feel about breaking promises?

Developing resiliency nurtures strong characters who have inner and outer confidence and can bounce back from disappointments with courage and strength.
Sample scenario:
Facing your fears?You have a fear of water but compulsory swimming lessons start next week at school.
Q. What could you do to overcome your fears?

Respect nurtures appreciation and value, for the individual and others, as well as the environment around us.
Sample scenario:
Referee’s decision?You’re playing football in PE and the referee says you kicked the ball outside of the line, but you don’t think you did.
Q. Why should you respect the referee’s decision?

With so many to choose from, this great value pack of 80 sturdy cards is a resource you can use with different groups at one time. Plus, the children could tackle different scenarios at different times to fit in with lessons or to stimulate relevant debate.

Ages 5-11
80 discussion cards with 4 introduction cards
ISBN 978-1-909380-01-1