Feelings Cards

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Cards plus CD-Rom

30 feelings cards to help children express emotions, develop empathy and build friendships

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This resource is a collection of 30 real-life photographs of children experiencing both positive and negative feelings within a range of situations from family to playground scenarios, which children will be able to identify with from their own experiences.

The feelings covered include:?angry, frightened, disappointed, upset, cross, fussy, disgusted, pleased, excited, naughty, joyful, confident, nervous, brave, proud, bored, surprised, sad, annoyed, left out, relaxed, distressed, grateful, embarrassed, bad tempered, concerned, jealous, kind, worried and loving.

The cards will help children to establish an awareness of their own feelings and those of other people. They will learn to manage their emotions effectively, and to recognise and respond to the feelings of others.?This will stimulate productive group discussions and help children:

  • Identify with scenarios that mirror their own experiences
  • Expand their vocabulary of emotions to express and manage feelings more effectively
  • Develop empathy and more easily comprehend other people?s feelings
  • Understand, respect and respond to the feelings of others
  • Build more successful relationships and friendships.

With the pack of 30 cards comes a FREE CD-Rom which allows the images to be printed in A4 or A5 formats as many times as you wish.

The CD-Rom also contains easy-to-understand explanations of the images, which can be read out or elucidated on to encourage discussion.

There are also a number of questions to accompany each image, which can be starting points for class discussion, for example:

  • Have you ever felt brave? If so, what were you doing?
  • What do you do when you are frightened?
  • Have you ever been disappointed?
  • What makes you cross?
  • Have you ever been bad and what were the consequences?
  • What have you done that has made you feel proud?
  • Have you ever surprised anyone? If so, what did you do?
  • What makes you pleased and why?
  • What do you do when you are bored?

The CD-Rom also has a vocabulary section that gives a selection of different words to explain the same feeling. For example, angry offers other vocabulary suggestions such as annoyed, cross, aggressive, enraged, frustrated, furious, irate, livid, mad and outraged. Pleased offers other vocabulary suggestions such as happy, satisfied, thrilled and delighted.

Contents: 30 x A5 size cards and CD-Rom all in a handy storage tin.

Ages 4-11

ISBN 978-1-907370-22-9