Little Tin of Niggles

£ 29.95

Discussion cards featuring 70 irritating moments that can trigger anger

By Eve Wilson


Little niggles are small seeds of most big problems: they cause breakdowns in relationships, lead to a lack of task focus, can be the cause of major physical fights and are long-term stressors. We all face them every day and handling them is a crucial life skill. Little niggles are particularly powerful in the classroom as they distract both students and teacher, give rise to negative feelings and can potentially flare up into major incidents.

This set of cards presents real issues that students have themselves identified, outlined and confirmed. Learning to recognise personal ‘niggles’ provides an opportunity to evolve effective strategies to deal with issues appropriately as they arise.

Subjects include:

  • Someone borrows my equipment without asking
  • Being blamed for someone else’s mistakes
  • Being excluded from a group

70 niggles cards, 7 options cards, teachers’ notes which offer suggestions for use with large groups, small groups and individuals, storage tin.

ISBN 978-1-909380-84-4

Ages 11-18